Image of L.A.S tote bag ( White )

L.A.S tote bag ( White )

15.00 — On sale

White cotton Tote bag with the logo of our non profit.
100% coton
Ethically produced ( Westford Mill )
In buying this tote bag you will help us to our raise fund campaign and contribute to our next project in Mongolia in 2019 ( Ride for Mongolia ). We still have build a skatepark and paint a school in 2016 in Uganda ( Ride for mukono project )
With this money, we will build a cultural center for poor kids in a yourte neighborhood of Oulan Bator.
In this cultural center, we will provide English class, musical class, and playground for the kids.
Every money can help to buy material.
We count on you, they count on you.

Image of L.A.S Tote bag ( Black )
L.A.S Tote bag ( Black )
15.00 — On sale
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